There are many types of men in this world. There are brave men, strong men, men who bake fantastic soufflés while raising three girls who love each other but can’t seem to get past their differences long enough to finish building that birdhouse they started last May.

        Ryan Hunter is none of these men though he has seen them on television. No, Ryan is the sort of guy who a fellow can have a beer with if that fellow wants to get into a very detailed discussion regarding the criminally neglectful rules for the care and raising of mogwai as presented in the movie Gremlins. I mean the vagueness of “Don’t feed after midnight” alone should land that old man behind bars.

       Growing up in the mountains of Western North Carolina, Ryan spent a lot of time pretending. He joined his local community theater group in second grade and portrayed the pivotal role of Wacky, the ventriloquist dummy in Annie. While he enjoyed the creativity of acting he found that it was limited as the line was not his and that was no help to the Argentine. (Ironically, the preceding line was not his either, it was a paraphrase from Evita.)

        Ryan turned to writing and hasn’t turned back except to take a chip from the bowl behind him. One day he plans to move that bowl next to his computer and then there will be no turning at all.